About us

Let me introduce you the project Jossap. There are many organizations, foundations, projects, funds, volunteers who are involved in helping people in Africa. God bless their work. Yet I dare say that our project is unique and different from others. Not because we helped perhaps more or less, but that people learn “How not to be dependent on humanitarian aid.” Simply put, a lot of people in Africa are accustomed to humanitarian assistance. There come “white people” and begin to give out, whether money, clothes, food or anything else. Africans reach out their hands and beg. They think that we are the ones who live in affluence and it is natural to share it. You can not imagine how difficult and exhausting it is to explain people “out there” that the reality is different. That people here in Europe could suffer hunger, despair, disease and social discrimination, and that somewhere behind the ocean is a world that is not a fairy tale paradise, as many think.

Therefore, the aim of our project is that people in Africa would be able to think of themselves, for their future and learn to be responsible for their lives and for the lives of their children. To be able to get from their experience, skills and incredible vitality as much as possible. And also they need to learn to accept themselves with the knowledge that they can accomplish something and understand that their country is far richer than they think.

One of the first goals of our project is to build a farm. The farm project is starting gradual construction. And thanks to a young student Desmond, who is also an important part of the project and who has donated his own land to farm, even though he’s also facing with difficult life situations. On the farm will people learn how to grow crops, breed domesticated animals (especially goats) and later how to breed cows. After building the farm we will also build an orphanage. The purpose of connecting these two projects is that the production of farm can feed not only the farm itself, but also orphans and people involved in the operation of the whole farm. People will learn to be independent and to educate themselves. They will also learn business due to the planned sale of farm products and how to manage finances, so they can think about their future and lead their followers to do the same.